A Storm of Greek Gods

"Greek" "God" "War" "God War" "Battle" "Greek God Battle" "God Battle"

Apollo with his long golden mane of sun rays
And Helios, the god of light with a radiant face,
Knew it was time to stay away for they did see
Gods gather; that Poseidon from the sea set free. 

"Greek" "God" "Apollo" "Poseidon" "Helios"

Battle games across the skies the gods planned
For King Zeus and his Hera to watch entranced,
An hour, a day or a week the tempest could run
Athena, of justice, she’d decide the victory won.

"Greek" "God" "Athena" "Zeus" "Hera" "Zeus and Hera"

Aeolus, king of the winds, tethered his four reins
Boreaus, Notus, Eurus and Zephyrus, in restrain,
Strong winds that were keenly wresting to blow
Fearful havoc on the puny human beings below.

"Greek" "God" "Aeolus"

Anemoi, violent storm demons joined in the fray
Hecatroncheires, gods of hurricanes also did play,
Cyclops, forger of lightning and thunder was ready
With his blades of steel and roar he stood steady. 

The demons unleashed their wrath round the world
The gods laughed in glee as fury and rage unfurled.
As Ouranos, in the sky turned it black and dreary
Gaia, his consort, of earth, lay helpless in his fury.

'Greek" "God" "Ouranos" "Gaia"

The creatures below the soil croaked and cried
In defiance, fear or thanks it was hard to decide,
The feeble humans tottered on legs frail and weak
As trees were felled and rooftops began to leak. 

"Greek God Battle" "Fight" "Poseidon Attack"

A few days later the gods and demons grew tired
Aurae, gentle nymphs breezed by, the storm abated,
The cloud nymphs, Nephelae, let rain fall on earth
For goddesses of fertility to nurture plants with birth. 

"Greek" "God" "Nephelae"

Iris painted beams of colour with Helios’ sunlight
As Nyx waited nearby to draw her curtains of night,
Where was Thor, god of thunder, his might sought
As god of the Norsemen he was in the lands up north.

"Greek" "God" "Nyx" "Iris" "Thor"
20 May 2010


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