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Moments of Heaven

The green smell of freshly mown grass
that clings to the nostrils,
The pungent odour of wet earth after
longed-for rainy spills,
The scent of pine trees drifting on the
breeze from the high hills,
And the gentle fragrance of perfume
that lingers and thrills.

The sight of waterfalls tumbling down, 
a shimmery lustre,
Rivers meandering through flat plains in
snakelike languor,
The sun dipping behind the horizon with
solemn splendour,
And clouds billowing below an airplane
in fluffy wonder.

Crinkly crisp feel of a dried leaf whipped 
away by a gusty wind,
Satiny texture of a newborn baby’s hair,
soft and clean,
Velvety touch of talc powder smoothed
over cheek and chin,
And silky material that wraps itself subtly
round knee and shin.

Sucking nectar from an ixora as a child
slow and steady,
Swirling wine round the tongue, senses
relaxed yet heady,
Biting hard into a chilly as eyes water
And licking durian pulp off the fingers
sticky and gooey.

The beat of drums during a parade of
marching bands,
Children’s voices, screams and laughter
at play with friends,
Waves that rumble as they hit the shore
onto the sands,
And cheerful bird sounds made by the
shaping of one’s hands.

To tarry awhile and savour all that the
senses have to offer,
Make moments of heaven on earth and
memories to treasure.

20 Jan 2013

Hazy Days

The haze sneaked in 
with its fingers of grey, 
and on reaching the skies 
it stole the sun away, 
it subdued the clouds 
and hid them from sight, 
it changed the daylight hours 
into one ghostly night. 

To escape the acrid smoke
as they go about their tasks,
(and living in misery)
are the citizens behind masks,
children are in dire straits
with throats that itch and rasp,
and clogged with dust are the
tiny lungs as for air they gasp.

Fires let loose by man
in plantations are burning,
winds in accord with their seasons
across the seas are blowing,
Mother Nature as she watches,
if she could, would implore
"Humans, this is one catastrophe
you can't blame me for."

Nature's Night (shardoma)

The flowers    
done airing their views 
have closed shop 
for the day, 
they droop low in slumber, tight 
in bud-like array. 

Bushes hide 
under trees that stood 
tall and proud 
'neath the sun, 
darkness brings them close to stand 
together as one. 

creatures, wild or tame,
of the ground, 

birds that fly, 
have gone to rest in their nooks,  

fish swim softly by.

The sun gives 
way to sparkling stars 
and moonlight, 
it's their turn 
to watch over nature and 
bid us all goodnight. 

shardoma - 6 lines, 3/5/3/3/7/5 syllables

Animated Image :
Animated Image :


Sisters by law they are to me
through marriage we are bound,
On hubby’s side, brothers’ wives
it is great to have them around, 

Full of sympathy and concern 
and aware of the burdens I face, 
They demand not, question not 
they do not crowd my space. 

Love their sweet caring nature
they give their family their all,
Food on the table, wise words,
always there when children call,
To them, I wish on Mother’s Day
that they be blessed forever more,
With a life of good health and the
company of the people they adore.
Animated heart :

Dear Mrs Santa

"Santa" "Christmas" "Christmas List" "Santa Claus" "Letter to Santa" "Merry Christmas"
Dear Mrs Nick, I think I need to send you a message today,
I won’t take much time but please do listen to what I have to say.

I don’t know how, or when, this letter will get to you,
But when I went to the post, I was told, just your name would do.

"Santa Claus" "Christmas" "Merry Christmas" "From Santa""Christmas Present" "Christmas Gift" "Santa" "Santa Claus" "Christmas" "Merry Christmas" "From Santa"You’ve been around for centuries, they said, they know about your man,
The gifts, their children have been receiving, they convey their thanks.


I'm sorry your guy may not be around at Xmas time when you need him most,
For that's when he's braving the storm with toys for kids, as around the world he goes.

"Santa Claus" "Christmas" "Merry Christmas" "From Santa" "Snowman" "Christmas animated" "Christmas snow" "Snow"

"Santa Claus" "Christmas" "Merry Christmas" "From Santa" "Snowman" "Christmas glitter" "Christmas snow" "Snow"
But I do know he loves it, when you brush his coat off snow and food,
And when you wipe his whiskers, his laugh makes you feel so good.

"Santa Claus" "Christmas" "Merry Christmas" "Christmas animated" "Christmas snow" "Snow"Behind every successful man, it’s said, there has always been a Mrs,
And you’ve done your job quite well, because he is rather quite famous.

Yet dear Mrs Santa, he needs to be told what man has done to God’s creation,
The Polar ice is melting, reindeer vanishing, the forest is in depletion.

Could you please tell him that prices are spiraling, there isn’t enough of everything?
That war destroys, greed hurts and that the children will be left with nothing?

If only he could leave a message to humans before he returns to you with his reindeer,
That they should be kind to man and beast alike, and be as one with nature.

Thank you Mrs Santa and Merry Xmas. May the New Year shower everyone with gladness.

"Santa Claus" "Christmas" "From Santa" "Snowman" "Christmas snow" "Snow"

18 Dec 2007

Image : santa
Image :
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Image : Santa
Image : 

Happy Thanksgiving

This is the full poem :

My Halloween Dream

"Fairy" It is the time when I wish my spirit 
could fly across the sea, 
And reach the place where people  
call the Land of the Free, 
I’d hover above and watch the scene in bright lights below,
For ‘tis where All-Hallows’ Evening
is a spectacular show. 

"Halloween Scene" "Fairy" "Halloween Jack O'Lantern" "Halloween Pumpkin"

"Halloween Scene" "Fairy" "Halloween Jack O'Lantern" "Halloween Pumpkin" "Halloween Glitter" "Halloween gif" "Halloween animated"

It’s the night where scary looks are neat,
Luminous wigs are worn by the petite,
Glowing Jack-o-lanterns line the street,
To watch children shout, ‘trick or-treat’. 

"Halloween Scene" "Fairy" "Halloween Jack O'Lantern" "Halloween Pumpkin" "Halloween Trick or Treat" "Trick or Treat"

"Halloween Scene" "Fairy" "Halloween Jack O'Lantern" "Halloween Pumpkin" "Halloween Glitter" "Halloween gif" "Halloween animated"
A long time ago, ‘twas a celebration
when harvesting was over,
Before folks faced the season of the
darker parts of the year,
When faeries and spirits of dead souls enjoyed visiting,
While witches and the devil himself
came a-collecting. 

"Halloween Scene" "Fairy" "Halloween Jack O'Lantern" "Halloween Pumpkin" "Ghost" "Halloween Ghost"

"Halloween Scene" "Fairy" "Halloween Jack O'Lantern" "Halloween Pumpkin" "Halloween Glitter" "Halloween gif" "Halloween animated" 

Now I’ll look forward to the games and fun,
To apple-dunking and dancing in the barn,
With pumpkins being carved under the sun,
I’ll listen too, to the spooky tales being spun.

"Halloween Scene" "Fairy" "Halloween Jack O'Lantern" "Halloween Pumpkin" "Halloween Ghost"
"Halloween Scene" "Fairy" "Halloween Jack O'Lantern" "Halloween Pumpkin" "Halloween Glitter" "Halloween gif" "Halloween animated" 

 4th October 2014

Animated Image : Lantern