Moments of Heaven

The green smell of freshly mown grass
that clings to the nostrils,
The pungent odour of wet earth after
longed-for rainy spills,
The scent of pine trees drifting on the
breeze from the high hills,
And the gentle fragrance of perfume
that lingers and thrills.

The sight of waterfalls tumbling down, 
a shimmery lustre,
Rivers meandering through flat plains in
snakelike languor,
The sun dipping behind the horizon with
solemn splendour,
And clouds billowing below an airplane
in fluffy wonder.

Crinkly crisp feel of a dried leaf whipped 
away by a gusty wind,
Satiny texture of a newborn baby’s hair,
soft and clean,
Velvety touch of talc powder smoothed
over cheek and chin,
And silky material that wraps itself subtly
round knee and shin.

Sucking nectar from an ixora as a child
slow and steady,
Swirling wine round the tongue, senses
relaxed yet heady,
Biting hard into a chilly as eyes water
And licking durian pulp off the fingers
sticky and gooey.

The beat of drums during a parade of
marching bands,
Children’s voices, screams and laughter
at play with friends,
Waves that rumble as they hit the shore
onto the sands,
And cheerful bird sounds made by the
shaping of one’s hands.

To tarry awhile and savour all that the
senses have to offer,
Make moments of heaven on earth and
memories to treasure.

20 Jan 2013


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